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JORGE RETAMOZA. One sky, one afternoon. Disco Club.

Until now, Jorge Retamoza was a real rarity in the field of tango since, wielding his baritone saxophone, he performed in front of different formations, interpreting classic and modern tangos as well as his own works. But in this new work the musician proposes a clear change of direction since he offers an album integrated by works of folkloric roots and instead of the baritone, he plays the tenor saxophone. Accompanied by numerous musicians in different formats, Retamoza unfolds a series of folkloric airs, most of them of his own authorship, although there are also some by other authors. In all the songs his participation is decisive, but he also allows other musicians to shine, as is the case of accordionist Lucas Monzón in the chamamé El Coco, which opens the album. In the lively gato El perro lisérgico, percussionist Daniel Míguez shines, while in the melancholic vidala that gives the CD its title, Pablo Ponce stands out on quena and charango. Fernando Lerman offers a good saxophone solo in La voz Antigua and also in Preludio y Fuga Chayeros. But some of the best moments of the CD are the tenor sax and guitar duets, in two cases with Claudio Ceccoli and in another with Julián Graziano. A different work in Jorge Retamoza's work, which has not made him lose a drop of quality - Jorge García.