SUDAMERICANO is a project about folkloric music from the region, led by the Argentine saxophonist Jorge Retamoza.

UN CIELO UNA TARDE (Club del Disco) is an album made up of their own original works and those of Fernando Lerman, Claudio Ceccoli (who also participate as performers) and other composers who participated in this project about music folk music from Argentina and other countries in the region, in which, in a dozen contemporary folk pieces, another sound step full of audacity and identity is reflected.

The guests who were part of this new record make up a selection of admired musicians, who have contributed their talent as composers and/or performers:
Abel Homer – Claudio Ceccoli – Daniel Corrado – Daniel Míguez – David Marcos – Ernestina Inverinato -Ezequiel Finger – Fefe Botti – Fernando Lerman – Germán Gómez – Javier Portero – Javier Weintraub – Julián Graciano – Lilian Saba – Lucas Monzón – Marina Ruiz Matta – Mauro Ciavattini – Néstor Gómez – Pablo Motta – Pablo Ponce – Patricio Villarejo – Pedro Rossi – Pope González – Santiago Retamoza – Víctor Carrión.


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