Jorge Retamoza has given master classes in public and private settings in Argentina, America and Europe over the years. The topics that make up the classes are organized in such a way that the student, when participating in a class, finds a general work plan for the technical development of his instrument and with specific aspects of the vocabulary of music that he wants to develop, be it tango, jazz, popular music in general or from the academic field.

The classes refer to technical aspects of the instrument, with their respective exercises and common practice that will be useful for any genre that you want to tackle. In addition to a practice to incorporate the basic harmonic knowledge applied to the instrument, practical knowledge, not only theoretical, of the relationship of scales with chords and their use in different musical genres.

Las clases son participativas pues los estudiantes pueden interpretar  unos arreglos para cuarteto de saxos de diferentes niveles de dificultad musical, que se utilizan para trabajar en la clase a modo de un ensayo dirigido por el propio Retamoza.


Re-reading of the Six Tanguistic Studies
One of the works of Astor Piazzolla with the greatest diffusion within conservatories, study houses, universities.

The Six Tango Studies have been organized to work in Master Classes, emphasizing the rhythmic aspect and that of the articulation and general interpretation of the spirit of this music, The participant(s) will choose one of the studies and from their interpretation they will be given a feedback in terms of the rhythmic aspects, the harmonic sequence and especially the articulations of the genre. In addition to a historical framing of tango with respect to the chosen study.