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Impresionismo Porteño

Escolaso – Astor Piazzolla, Cuarteto de Saxofones

With eight record releases as leader, the saxophonist and composer Jorge Retamoza explores innovative forms of tango in the 21st century, with pieces that combine strictly written music with improvisation, with the sounds of a tango challenged by chamber music and gestures. of jazz. Undoubted reference of the sax in Argentine music and especially in tango, Jorge Retamoza is one of the musicians from his country who has produced the most to introduce his instrument in the language of city music and in that of Argentine music.

In the academic field, he premiered his works Concerto for Tenor Saxophone, Bandoneon and Orchestra, Tres Escenas Porteñas, for two Bass Clarinets and Symphonic Band, En Blanco y Negro Buenos Aires for Bandoneon and six Percussionists, Concertango for Baritone Saxophone and Orchestra, 2016 – Award National Endowment for the Arts of Argentina. He is the first Argentine saxophonist to record Piazzolla's Seis Estudios Tanguísticos in its entirety, and this is also the world's first recording of the work in a version for solo saxophone and string orchestra. The recording was made in Germany in co-production with the prestigious SR (Saarbrucken Public Radio and TV) from that country.