Jorge Retamoza Quartet

Jorge Retamoza begins in the middle 90s the project of working about tango through jazz gestures and academic procedures. With eight record releases as leader,  this musician and composer show us possible ways of tango music in the XXI century, developing the concept of strictly written compositions, like in a chamber group, added to the improvisation with tango vocabulary as a central element that defines the original profile of the project.

Jorge Retamoza Cuarteto puts us in contact with a unique performance of Buenos Aires music, where the sounds of the bandoneon, double bass and piano, three common instruments in the tango history, are melted with the expressive and powerful sound of the baritone saxophone, building a musical universe of new dimensions. The music reflects the city and the local colors but at the same time, it is crossed by the experiences that have obtained the quartet members playing styles like tango, jazz and classical music.

Matías Rubino, Bandoneón
Gaston Harisquiry, Piano
Roberto Seitz, Double Bass
Jorge Retamoza, Baritone Sax,  Composition, Arrangements