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Jorge Retamoza has offered master classes in public and private schools, universities, conservatories in Argentina, America, and Europe in the last years. The topics of these classes are organized in a way that the student participating in the class finds a general working plan for the technical development of his instrument and with specific aspects of the vocabulary of the music, they want to develop, either tango, jazz-popular or academic music.

Classes refer to technical aspects of the instrument with its respective exercises, and the common practice that will be used in any musical genre that wants to be approached. In addition to practice in order to incorporate the basic harmonic knowledge applied to the instrument, practical knowledge, not only theoretical of the relationship between scales and chords and the way musicians used in different genres.

Specifically, on the subject of tango, the class works on the vocabulary of the genre, explaining and observing articulations, basic rhythmic cells, and harmonic organization of common practice of this style and progressions most commonly used. It also refers to the melodic processes that are involved in an arrangement, the melodic episodes of an arrangement that accompanies or completes a melody, phrasing, and interpretations that tango masters made from a basic melody.

Classes are dynamic because students can interpret some arrangements for saxophone quartet of different levels of musical difficulty, from all tango eras which are used to work in class as a rehearsal conducted by Retamoza.


Re-read of the “Seis Estudios Tanguisticos”, Astor Piazzolla’s work most spread in conservatories, music schools, universities,

“Seis Estudios Tanguisticos” has been organized to work in Master Classes, emphasizing the rhythmic side of the pieces, the typical articulations of the genre, and general interpretation of this music. During the class the teacher set a historical cut on the music of tango present in these studies: It is very important to set each study in a historical frame of tango as it will allow students to observe how the connection between contemporary materials and traditional gestures occurs.

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