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Jorge Retamoza is a saxophonist, musician and teacher absolutely personal. His continual search is now a registered signature in the world of tango and sax. His stylistic development, his work as a composer and his contribution to the genre not only from the repertoire but also from his instrument, has succeeded in revitalizing the saxophone in Argentina and the world, with riffs, licks and designs every degree of difficulty, techniques that do not apply or are known until Retamoza inserting in the current tango music scene. All this creates a unique book. In this paper you will find all the necessary elements (with theoretical explanations and practices, including a comprehensive glossary of audio played by the same author) that will allow you not only acquire the ductility and technique for playing the instrument with pleasure. Also for the first time you will apply from  sax gestures, the tango style of Salgán, Federico, Troilo, Grela, Marconi, Piazzolla or the author. Bend, glissando, portamento, slaps, frullato, arrangements and transcriptions of these authors are a tool deployed equally in these pages of this book, and audio, enabling dynamism and resources to address all of these concepts. It is good to note that the work of Jorge Retamoza is directed to the four commonly used saxophones but the development of the chapters will be equally attractive and useful for other wind instruments such as the flute, clarinet, oboe, etc. Melos is pleased to welcome Jorge and bring them closer to you this new tool that we believe will be of permanent consultation, interest and enjoyment.

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