Jorge Retamoza Cuarteto

Thursday 28.0920 h |  Festival NUEVO Baires TANGO

Free admision

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Jorge Retamoza  baritone sax, Matías Rubino bandoneón, Gastón Harisquiry, piano, Roberto Seitz double bass

He is the Argentine saxophonist who has more developed the inclusion of his instrument in the language of tango. His trademark can be heard on the recorded albums as leader of his own group and more than a dozen record collaborations with other artists. The music press in Argentina has referred to his work: “the tango and jazz elements are mixed creating an unprecedented sound and at times overwhelming.”

For almost twenty years Retamoza develops his original compositions in a musical body based on tango, jazz gestures and academic procedures that put his writing and his playing in an area of originality and new ways of understanding the tradition and future of the music of Buenos Aires.

Leading his group, where the original compositions are central to the aesthetic proposal, has toured Argentina, South America, Europe and USA (sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Foreign Ministry Argentina). With this project Retamoza performs his music regularly in theaters, festivals, cultural centers and universities, as well as providing master classes in public and private schools of South America, USA and Europe.

He is the author of El Tango desde el Saxo (“Tango from Sax”) book commissioned by Melos Ed Music, where he collected a series of practical work, studies, examples, transcriptions to develop a sound and a way to practice for interpreting the music of Buenos Aires from the sax.